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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tom: now at 11:00, bernie sanders is suing the democratic party saying it is undermining his campaign. the fight over access to voter data and the response from clinton' s campaign, that you' ll hear only here on wmur. shelley: we' re less than 24 hours from the last democratic debate before the new hampshire primary. the preparations underway at saint anselm college. mike: for a change a december chill moves in for the weekend . how much colder it will feel plus where snow could fall. tom: this fire in farmington has now been declared arson. the information police say they got from the man responsible. shelley: caught on camera, a postal worker charged with stealing cash and gift cards. the way investigators say she covered up the thefts. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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shelley: a major political fight is exploding in the democratic party tonight right here in the granite state. bernie sanders is suing the dnc on the eve of the presidential candidates' only new hampshire debate. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i' m tom griffith. the sanders campaign says it is being shut out from accessing vital voter data while hillary clinton' s campaign is accusing the sanders camp of stealing her information. let' s begin our commitment 2016 team coverage with mike cronin, who explains just how costly the sanders campaign believes this shut out will be. mike: this 12 page lawsuit was filed in response to the party' s decision to block the sanders campaign from accessing important voter information. it says without access to that database the campaign will lose about $600,000 in donations a day. in an interview you' ll only see on news 9 hillary clinton' s campaign manager says they want a fair fight. >> the sanders campaign stole
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they did it just a few days ago. we were called about it at the same time that they were. we just want to know that our data has been erased. mike: but the bernie sanders campaign is accusing party leaders of trying undermine his re taking the democratic national committee to clark' s individual leaders of the dnc can support hillary clinton in anyway they want. but they are not going to sabotage our campaign. mike: earlier this week party officials say there was a database breach in a system which holds its records about potential voters. each campaign can add other information that other campaigns aren' t supposed to see. but the dnc says staffers from the sanders campaign viewed and hillary clinton' s data. the sanders campaign fired its top data staffer. and the party temporarily suspended sanders campaign from the database. >> the only way for us at the moment to make sure that we analyze what amount of
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we can prevent and make sure that the sanders campaign no longer has access to it, is to suspend their ability to manipulate it. mike: the lawsuit blames the party saying the fairness of this pivotal national election should not be compromised because of security flaws introduced by the dnc and its vendor. >> it was really disturbing and disappointing that one of their staffers, and they' ve admitted this, went in and deliberately stole our data, downloaded the data 24 times. cronin: in addition to the financial losses for the campaign, the lawsuit says not being able to communicate with voters will have a more significant impact going forward. live in the studio, like cronin. tom: it' s unclear what if any have on tomorrow night' s let' s go to dummy you -- wmur' s jean mackin.
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the spin room in full gear this is an important night for the democrats. it is their only debate in new hampshire before the primary. st. anselm college is decking the campus with hashtags for the hashtag dem debate inside debate hall the abc stage is being set for saturday' s democratic debate the only one scheduled by the dnc in new hampshire. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o' malley will be in the spotlight. outside, cables stretch to satellite trucks ready to carry the debate to the rest of the world. the media blitz stops students on there' s -- their tracks. students say this is also a learning experience. >> i saw all the stuff going on. it is exciting. >> i think it is cool, cool they are hosting these people. >> it is interesting for me
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stuff. the famous people coming through. >> they have done an amazing job making the place looked nice. we are excited to have some guests. jean: political analyst scott spradling will live-chat during the debate. >> there' s a great deal at stake . this is the beginning of the closing arguments. they have to make a connection to voters. this is the last opportunity before the so-called holiday freeze. jean: after that holiday freeze , it is right back to business for the candidates. they will have less than 8 weeks to campaign before the primary on february 9. live at st anselm college, jean mackin. tom: we are the first in the nation primary station. sure source for the new hampshire democratic debate tomorrow. our live coverage begins after college football ends with a special 7:00 edition of news 9. then, you' ll see the abc news debate live from saint anselm
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and then, we will be back at 11:00 with a complete wrap-up and analysis in an hour-long edition of news 9 tonight. will have interactive coverage all evening long. shelley: republican presidential candidate lindsey graham campaigned in new hampshire today. this evening, he held a meet and greet in dover with fellow senator john mccain. earlier in the day, the south carolina senator toured a business in merrimack. graham has 4 events, including two town halls, planned for tomorrow. the campaign trail will bring a few other republicans to the granite state this weekend. tomorrow, chris christie will begin a four-day bus tour around the state, departing from exeter. jeb bush has four town halls scheduled for saturday, followed by three more on monday and tuesday. and ben carson will be back in the state on sunday, his first trip here in a month. for details on all their events, head on over to the politics section of tom: typical december weather
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and has been for the last month live pictures here from berlin, re watching for flurries tonight and more snow let' s go to chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: those flurries will be looking wintry. s. s, central and southern new hampshire. cold air to the north and west. especially up there in the northern plains. central canada. that will modify as it moves in. quite a few snow showers building off the great lakes. that will be the case through tomorrow and tomorrow evening. some of that snow will drift in across the white mountains.
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t even rule out a few flakes in southern new hampshire, especially during the afternoon. we will take a look at the temperatures in a few minutes. shelley: a man from farmington is charged with arson, after police say he admitted to setting a car on fire yesterday. the flames spread to the building the car was parked next to. wmur' s stephanie woods reports from farmington. stephanie: farmington police say they got a call about a car on fire thursday afternoon. when they rushed to the scene here on main street, they found not only a car on fire, but that the flames had spread, to the masonic temple. >> we found a vehicle that was fully engulfed in flames, it was parked up right against the building. shelley: -- stephanie: at about 4:45 thursday afternoon, a fire broke out in an alley off main street detective matt embrey says something about it was suspicious. >> myself and several officers questioned people in the crowd from the department and
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stephanie: that led to 33-year-old conrad parent the third of farmington, who embrey says deliberately lit the car on fire. >> ultimately he ended up confessing to the fire. stephanie: embrey says parent knows the owner of the car, which was badly burned. >> there was extensive damage to the car. it' s not going to be driven ever stephanie there was also : extensive damage to the inside and outside of the farmington masonic lodge. no one was inside at the time of the fire, but one firefighter was injured, treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation. >> when we arrived, the flames had already spread to the building and were up all 3 stories of the building. stephanie: officers arrested parent and charged him with felonious arson, but embrey says this isn' t his first encounter with farmington police. >> i' ll say we' re familiar with him. stephanie: the investigation is still ongoing. if you have any information about this, please call farmington police. tom: a man from new york was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography charges.
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after traveling to seabrook, where he met up with an undercover agent he' d talked to in an online chatroom dedicated to sharing child sex abuse images. at the time, police also seized video from binder showing him sexually abusing a young child. a father and son from vermont are under arrest busted with a large stash of drugs. lebanon police arrested dylan and thomas avery at the baymont inn yesterday after getting tipped off by vermont state police. inside the room, officers found and this, nearly two ounces of marijuana along with 2500 individually-wrapped bags of heroin with a street value of >> more than $50,000. shelley: police in vermont say a to report that she' roommate. fiona gordon-mcleod is charged with attempted first degree murder. with a hammer or club at their home in putney. the victim was unresponsive with severe injuries when police
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hospital. the mbta train operator fired after his train traveled through several stops, unmanned, is appealing. david vazquez is accused of tying a cord around the cotrols and failing to set the emergency brakes before getting off the train earlier this month to fix signal problems. the train ended up rolling through four stations before it stopped. vazquez denies the accusations. tom: president obama wrapped up the year in d.c. today. coming up on news 9 tonight. the priorities he laid out for his final year in office. shelley: a postal worker is accused of stealing money and gift cards from mail in meriden. why other towns are now investigating whether there have been similar thefts. mike: a breezy and colder start to the weekend tomorrow and not much in the way of change for sunday. look at what happens in the next week. tom: now to our ulocal hot shot. hampshire christmas.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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california about half an hour ago to meet with the families of the victims of the shooting in san bernardino. 14 people were killed in the attack at a holiday party. the fbi has labeled the attack terrorism. the married couple responsible had become radicalized in the years before the shooting. tom: before leaving washington, president obama signed a government funding bill into law. the $1.1 trillion spending package prevents a government shutdown, and extends tax cuts for families and businesses. shelley: as abc' s bazi kanani reports, the president used his year-end news conference to lay out some priorities for his final year in office. reporter: before leaving washington for the holidays the president thanked congress for a bi-partisan effort to pass the trillion dollar budget to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. mr. obama: i am not wild about everything in it. i' m sure that is true for everybody. reporter: he turned to his
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the last in office. president obama: i' ve never been more optimistic about a year ahead than i am right now and in 2016, i' m going to leave it all on the field. reporter: the president said he is hopeful about bi-partisan efforts to reform the criminal justice system. and with continuing strong opposition from the republican-controlled congress he said he would not use his executive authority to close the guantanamo bay military prison without first making the case to lawmakers. president obama: we see how guantanamo has been used to create this mythology that america is at war with islam. for us to close it is part of our counterterrorism strategy. reporter: president obama acknowledged the coming campaign year will effect efforts in congress. he predicted a democratic presidential victory before cutting of questions to get on to his next event. president obama: i have to get to star wars.
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for gold star military families. the president then heads to san bernardino to meet tonight with families of the attack victims, before flying to hawaii for the holidays. bazi kanani, abc news, washington shelley: stocks closed lower today than where they opened on monday. investors had been enthusiastic about the federal reserve' s decision to raise interest rates, but that excitement faded today. the biggest losses were in banks and technology companies. tom: a postal worker from plainfield is facing a felony charge after police say she was caught on camera opening mail and pocketing cash. police started investigating when they got complaints that mail had been tampered with. they set up surveillance cameras in the meriden post office, and say they caught kim smith opening envelopes, taking out cash and gift cards, then using a glue stick to re-seal the envelope. >> the minute she puts them on the table, she starts going through and pulling out pieces of mail and holding up to the light or feeling it with her fingers manipulating it with her fingers. when i think of stealing money
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cards and birthday cards i see nothing but evil. 7:51. tom: the police chief says smith is a part-time flexible employee meaning she travels from one post office to the next as needed. other police agencies are now investigating to see if they have similar crimes in their towns. >> and now mike haddad. mike: quite a few clouds out there at the coast. light showers did move in during the course of the afternoon. temperatures dropping a little bit. remaining above the average. 45 the high in concord. 20 above the average. ridiculously warm for december. nope western about that. it does continue at this hour. notice the flow.
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temperatures will not drop off that much. lower to mid 20' s of north. tomorrow, not a big spike. a lot of cold air, to the north and west. a reading, down to zero. feels december and great lakes. also, the gusty winds. i' ve though west northwest. afternoon high temperatures, on average, 30' s to around 40. and chilly temperature. hold air, working off the great lakes. if you get a strong enough fact york, some of the flurries can
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westerly winds will bump up. trigger snow showers tomorrow. tomorrow night. could see a light accumulation. anyone-two inches in spots. notice the train of snow. tries to scoot in the monadnock region. a few flakes may survive the trip. even near the coast. most of the snow showers will hit the north country where there could be a coding. 1-2 inches. sunday, sunshine and no threat of snow we are talking about a warm up again. for next week. northern snow. overnight tonight, into the day tomorrow. three plus some of the highest of elevations.
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partly cloudy south. flurries will develop up north. could be a few passing flurries in southern new hampshire. windy and chilly. sunday, bright. breezy but not as windy. warming backup monday through christmas eve with the peak of the warmth coming thursday, when we could, if everything worked out, get close to record highs. tom: you saw the bruins play the penguins. they were in the berg tonight.
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anchor: played the back half of the bruins and penguins their home and home series in pittsbrugh tonight, boston looking to win for the 4th time first period, sydney crosby in five games. first period, sydney crosby feeds connor sheary in front of the net. 1-0 pittsburgh. back. frank the channel. pulls the hook -- pittsburgh on it is boston that scores. shorthanded goal. 2-1, boston. boston on the power play. back
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they got three more. frankfurt for tron oh, his first career hat trick. bruins win, excite and two. it will new jersey on sunday. beat the comments, 5-3. they' re playing at toledo. celtics at the garden with the atlanta hawks tonight fourth quarter, tied at paul 92. millsap hits a leaner, and draws the foul. hawks up five. fines jae crowder. 24 points for him. 24 points for the double-double. that is as close as they got. isaiah thomas had a game-high 29.
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bedford hosting londonderry drives the right side. nice finish for a pair. at the other end, ryan hughes is going to feed colby. he gets the bucket and the foul. over time, tied at 52. bedford' s joshua koehler strong moved to the who. bedford goes on to win the , 60-51. merrimack girls were home with spalding. this one was all tomahawks, jolie jacoby gets things started . the red raiders turn it over, merrimack running the floor, courtney schaub lays it in, the lead. spualding kept playing, samantha . the tomahawks too much. tom brady and rob gronkowski there doesn'
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of concern in foxboro. both players are on today' s injury report, gronkowski is listed as probable for sunday' s game against the titans, while brady is listed as questionable with a no mess. has not been feeling well this according to reports, he week. there' s no word on why gronk missed practice, although it was reportedly not injury related. so here' s a look at the afc playoff standings. these are the 4 division leaders, new england is the only one of the 4 to already have clinched their division title, the pats will clinch a first round bye with a win on sunday combined with a broncos loss. there is plenty still to play for. i would be shocked if tom brady is not on the field when they host the titans. shelley: hopefully he is and hopefully he recovers. tom: still to come, this fan is more than just a new car for a family from goffstown. shelley: the way their community helped get them a van they
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tom: a single mother from goffstown who was desperately
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for her wheelchair-bound daughter, got some help today. shelley: pam mccarthy' s daughter maura was born with a chromosomal disorder so rare it doesn' t even have a name. the 15-year-old doesn' t walk or talk. the family van was considered to old to be modified for a wheechair, but the community rallied, holding fundraisers to raise the tens of thousands of dollars needed for the van. the grateful family bought it today. >> this is a dream come true. it really is. and people have just been amazing. the outpouring of generosity has been incredible. shelley: the family thanked everyone who donated to their cause and say this van is truly the best christmas present they could have asked for. good stuff. happy for them. tom: that is what folks do in new hampshire. shelley: thanks for joining us for newsnine tonight at 11.
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followed by night line. have a good weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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